My MyProtein snack experiment!

So, I need to shred a few pounds. It's no lie. I can't fit into some of my clothes, I feel unhealthy and apparently the scale says so... I'm a veggie. I have followed the vegetarian way for the past 4+ years and I won't pretend looking for high protein, low carb foods and snacks… Continue reading My MyProtein snack experiment!


My first 5 miler of the year!

So far this year I've really struggled with shin pain after running. So for the good majority I've only managed to achieve a mile or so a week. The past couple of months I've been able to increase my mileage slowly. By slowly I mean slowly! That and a careful mix of deciding whether the… Continue reading My first 5 miler of the year!


Ali Brownlee 5k Race Review

It's been nearly a week since I headed out of town for the Ali Brownlee 5k so I thought it's about time for a race review! When I signed up I thought I would be running 5k's for fun. The gym was going well, I was feeling positive. However, it's been swings and roundabouts as… Continue reading Ali Brownlee 5k Race Review


A few core tips I’ve picked up on the way…

Hello, A quick update after the beach running; I struggled for the past few days bearing weight properly so out goes my plan for this week! I made it to the gym today for arms, core and cardio. So for arms and core, I constructed a circuit which included moves to work the bicep, shoulder,… Continue reading A few core tips I’ve picked up on the way…


The grand mistake of beach running – but the views were nice!

Sunday swim was swapped for run day, since we we're headed to the coast. I thought I'd try my hand at beach running. Them Instagram posts make it look cool and fun. Here's what happened... I was sat about in the sun for a little while before I ran. It was football tournament day and… Continue reading The grand mistake of beach running – but the views were nice!