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Hello, again

Hello again!

I’ve taken an extended break from blogging but I’m back!

I decided to relaunch my site as a space to ramble about my training to get back running asap!

Currently I’ve made enough progress in the gym and on the roads that I have made myself a 12week training plan with the goal to increase my mileage sensibly throughout the next 3 months. This training plan consists of gradual increase in running distances, neglecting times as I’d like to build a base with distance before I look at chasing PB’s…My plan includes strength training from using the gym and pilates! Swimming to increase core strength and cardio stamina and rest days!

I’m about week 3 into the plan and decided blogging might help keep me accountable! Just like I blogged my way through the c25k! 🙂 Plus there’s only so many words you can fit in your Tweet!

The plan is there because I need to build up my fitness again. I’m not quite 100% but I’ve made significant progress with coming back from ITBS and ‘shin splints.’

I’m not in denial about shin splints really, I just don’t like the term. More on that another day!

Thanks for popping by!




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