The grand mistake of beach running – but the views were nice!

Sunday swim was swapped for run day, since we we’re headed to the coast. I thought I’d try my hand at beach running. Them Instagram posts make it look cool and fun.


Here’s what happened…

I was sat about in the sun for a little while before I ran. It was football tournament day and it felt a little chilly. We’re by the coast, but in June, I thought it would be warmer. I Piz Buin’ed (sun tan lotion) my arms and totally forgot about putting my moisturiser on first thing like I usually do (it has SPF 15!). But since I had been sat in a jacket by the side of the pitch I didn’t think much off the sun!

So I started my run. 2 miles planned. No ratio of run:walk, no speed goals, just get the distance covered.


I soon learned that the damp sand near the sea gave me a bit of traction and I felt like I could keep a pace going. However, this was on an angle, and my left glute (the mis-firing, lazy glute) was absolutely killing me. Common sense would have suggested to stop. Have a walk, enjoy the scenery. I did stop, I stretched and I carried on. Again, and again. I blamed them camber so I switched to running on the dry sand. This felt like it took three times the effort and not to mention the extra large pebbles!

Eventually my watch pinged to tell me I hit the mile marker. I couldn’t believe how long it had taken me. I carried on, trying to get a balance of flat compacted sand. Avoiding the large stones and seaweed. And the poor dead seabird on the way.

I was running thorough another little coast town by now. With only a mile left on my run I knew the next village was 1.8 miles away. When I created my plan I created it so that I could increase the mileage at a reasonable rate, slowly, over two days rather than one running day. The point was to get a race completed come mid summer. Without aggravating injury or creating more injury. But it was only 1/2 a mile, just shy of a KM…

My watch pinged again and I didn’t want to look at the time taken. I could see the pier in the next town, so I carried on. I was on a timescale, the football tournament was due to end soon. I had to make it back to the car just after. So I stopped at 2.5miles, I doubt I could have carried on to be fair. My hips, lower back and left glute hated me. saltburn pier












So what happened?

I took me three times as long to get the distance completed and I learned that beach running is not for me. My pace is all over the place. Run, stretch, walk it out and repeat occurred. I’m too stubborn to quit once I’ve committed.

I want to say I was thankful for having hypermobile ankles for once, the amount of times my ankles went any which way over the sand and stones…however, its  a complete day after the running and I’m struggling to walk with my left leg. The calf on the inside is giving me grief.

We went away for the night (Monday), glamping, and by time the day was over I had hit my step target. The calf was a little sore and climbing a what felt like hundreds of steps in an old castle, and up and down some mega steep banks but it was manageable. However, today, Tuesday, I was hobbling about with KT-tape stuck to me with hopes it will help support my calf.

So not only do I think I’ve royally f***ed up and potentially put myself back a week or two on my training plan, I’m coating myself with Aloe Gel to sooth the burnt face and shoulders!

Sunburn is not cool! and I should have known better…

Fingers crossed I’ll be in the gym this week for leg day. I doubt I’ll be running this week but I as always, positive thinking!

Thanks for popping by,






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