My MyProtein snack experiment!

So, I need to shred a few pounds. It’s no lie. I can’t fit into some of my clothes, I feel unhealthy and apparently the scale says so…

I’m a veggie. I have followed the vegetarian way for the past 4+ years and I won’t pretend looking for high protein, low carb foods and snacks is easy. Because it isn’t.

So, while I love low fat greek style yoghurt with honey (and for treat days; add white chocolate buttons and mini vegan marshmallows), there is only such much greek style yoghurt and honey a person can take!

So, My Protein was advertising on social media and they have a range which is suitable for vegetarians and vegans!

Looking through the page, as someone who has no qualifications in nutrition, there’s a bucket load of supplements and the likes. Do we really need it all?

Personally, I don’t think we do. But when I got hooked on the gym initially, I probably would have bought a load…I’m still thinking about buying some BCAA’s…

However, after walking through the supermarkets with products named as ‘protein bars’ with only 3.0g of protein per a bar I figured I’d do some shopping on My Protein. I wasn’t going to buy powders from them. I occasionally use PhD Diet Protein when I start focusing on the gym and running. I’d like to stick with this since I know 1) It doesn’t cause any issues 2) high in protein, low in carbs.

However, I thought I’d give the snacks ago. I’ve boughprotein world a couple of snacks (mainly chocolated flavoured….okay they’re all chocolated flavoured!) . My plan is to try them all, give them a review at the end of the week and try to find an alternative you can readily buy in the supermarket.

I’ll also be cleaning up my diet throughout the week and lets hope the extra protein keeps me feeling fuller, and not missing my usual greek style yoghurt with honey!

I’m not striving for low carbs. But I know it’s easy for me to not take in enough protein but over compensate on high carb snacks and foods.

If anyone was interested, I usually follow the IIFYM diet, but knowing I wont get all the protein in, I use it as guide and in the past I have found this has worked.

It’s important to consume food for fuel. I don’t believe in full on calorific deficit. Specially when we’re running, swimming, gym-ing and generally keeping active.

This post is to review these MyProtein snacks, which I am not getting paid to do. Simply my own experiment! If you want an honest review of these snacks, watch this space!



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