Parkrun Ramblings

Recently I’ve been putting Parkrun into my calendar as I used to enjoy doing these a couple of years ago.

I even bought the plastic bar codes

I also figured Parkrun tourism would be great too!

So recently I’ve traveled out of town and enjoy one not so far away. It’s two laps, mix terrain but mostly gravel and tarmac.

However I headed to my home Parkrun today. Add an extra hundred people and an extra lap.

Now a running shop tried to get me to turn up to their running night where they run 5k on average while I was struggling to get a 1.5mile done and when I mentioned Parkrun, they said about how it’s changed and it’s swinging towards focusing on the “fast” runners and it’s changing etc. I shrugged it off because I hadn’t been in years, till now. And I could barely run two miles a week so I wasn’t turning up to either run events…and there’s nothing wrong with being a fast runner aiming to PB.

Well, I headed to the local, eventually. I couldn’t find my kit this morning and I originally planned on trying a new Park. However by time I got in my car and programmed my sat nav it said I’d reach my destination at 8:56. I thought it was cutting it close so I decided to go local. But I couldn’t get parked and had to run to the start line. I had a few minutes to spare and not enough time to stretch!

The Parkrun person in charge counted us down and I set off, behind a man with two daughters so I kept a gap between us, adjusting my pace. Dropping back when then were to give them space. I literally could not move left, right or drop my pace much more.

Then, runners started snaking in front of me to cut around. I don’t mind slowing to let them pass but my Health and Safety brain was kicking in. We were packed in, this is not ideal. I could see someone was close behind. Fast runners were coming up on the left – this is fine, stick to a fast lane!

I was then coming around a bend, and instead of waiting a second or two a couple of runners cut me off to get around the corner too. They did say sorry as they went around but what’s a second or two? It’s a Parkrun not a Boston/London qualifying race.

What I love about Parkrun is that everyone can get involved. You don’t have to be fast, you don’t have to run it all, you don’t have to be part of a running club. You can take your dog, your kids and babies in pushchairs it family in wheelchairs. It’s inclusive. And free.

It promotes community, healthy habits, it gives a boost to physical and mental health.

And I do want to emphasise I think there’s nothing wrong with runners wanting PBs in each event/week. There’s nothing wrong with being competitive either. What I do like is basic running etiquette!

I shaved 1:30min off last weeks time to give me

34:30 with an average mile of 11:17. So, I had a brilliant run in that case. I don’t regret turning up and getting it done but I guess I wouldn’t have minded getting my 4 miles done solo around the river trail. (I added a mile after Parkrun to get my target miles written on my plan!)

Have you experienced this at a race? Or a Parkrun event?

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5 thoughts on “Parkrun Ramblings”

    1. That’s the words I was looking for…🙊 it felt too competitive but not in a positive way if you know what I mean. Maybe give it a go now you’ve moved! There was 325 of us today but last week at the other Parkrun there was 240 so may be that’s one of the reasons it felt better! ☺️

      1. Hmmm totally know what you mean… I got totally put off hearing marshalls complaining about slow runners… and how walkers should make the effort to run etc… I jyst thought why am I getting up early on my one day off to do this and end up being annoyed? I now go out an hour later, on my own and have THE BEST time ever!
        Saying that… parkrun works for some people and that’s fab… we just have to find what works for us at the end of the day x

      2. Oh 😳 I can’t believe they were saying that it’s awful! I keep meaning to join a running club but really, I love just being out on my own 🙊

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