Croft 5k and other ramblings

We’re a week into December and I haven’t ran for a whole week!

I’m on antibiotics and they’re knocking me sick. Even if they weren’t giving me a nausea feeling I wouldn’t be able to run anyway.

I’ve missed yoga, JuJitsu, Pilates and the gym too.

Que pulling my hair out!

I’m hoping I’ll be a-okay for next Sunday! I have a Santa run to finish the year off. If not, the Croft 5k I completed last week will be the last!

I’d taken three weeks off running after the Hamsterly 5 miler to let my shins recover (if that’s the right word!) in the build up to the Hamsterly run I was nervous I wouldn’t make it round. Or I’d struggle immensely. It doesn’t seem to matter about all the calf raises, calf massages, general strength training, yoga for improving mobility, I always end up with sore shin bones.

So three weeks out I signed up to the run with three days to spare. What’s the worse that can happen? I walk it? It was around a race track so I couldn’t resist.

The day came and it was pissing down. I also saw the entry list the night before the run and it was mainly club runners that had entered. Since it’s organised by a club I kinda expected it but it reinforced that it will be all the good ‘uns running it. No pressure then.

So I parked up, took a photo of my lovely car in paddock lane and headed inside as quick as I could for my race number.

I decided to head to the back of the pack and struggled to hear the race director speak before we headed off. The first section of the track; Sunny In and Sunny Out, I felt okay. I was running. Running and not sounding like a train. Actually breathing and well, you get it, running.

I could see all the other runners ahead and there was maybe four of us at the back. When I say at the back, we were like one long line. So we were at the back but there wasn’t a massive gap between us and the next for about half way. Still raining by the way.

The first loop almost done, I overtook at the chicane. I played my tag and grab tactics of spotting someone and pulling myself to where they were, maintaining their pace before trying to make gain. It kind of worked for the second straight, down past the start line and just before Sunny In, Sunny Out. We overtook one another countless times.

I figured if I picked my legs up some more I picked up pace but this was taking energy I didn’t have. I hadn’t ran for three weeks and I had a km left. I’d ran it none stop. So I wanted to finish on that positive rather then race the lady next to me only for her to overtake me just before the final push and leave me walking over the line.

I crossed the line with 36:00, 11:17 avg mile. One mile was sub 11. Happy days for this slow runner!

And lone behold days later my shin bones are a tad sore. When will it end?!

I’ve got my heart set on the Santa run next week as the final event of the year. I’m already planning 2019.

Managing to have a relatively smooth sailing 10k plan and finishing that race has gave me a boost of confidence that I can do it all again next year plus more.

Wish me luck!

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