Trail run series – Santa Run.

Today was the final run event/race of the year for me – the Stockton Trail series Santa run! Little 5k Trail, on uneven, muddy, slightly tarmacked and some wooden boards for surfaces. A few inclines but after the Hamsterly 5miler inclines and hills have changed in my mind!

Just over two weeks ago I had an infection and took some anti biotics for a week. I couldn’t really do anything outside of work for this time. No yoga, or anything else low impact.

It sucked.

And because of the lack of activity my back muscles decided to play up. This is common and a reason why I don’t like to take complete breaks from fitness. I do this to stay strong!

So fast forward to today. My back felt considerably better than yesterday, albeit a little stiff but loads better! However I was getting the odd chest pain here and there. Lasted for a breath a time. Hurt enough I knew it was there but not enough I couldn’t breathe…from the back issue? I developed a rather large knot in the middle of my Tspine which took two deep massages and several days of hot water bottles to get this far!

We headed to McDonalds for breakfast – I was running late. Again. I was also taking my other half, we had some errands to run in the afternoon!

Again chest pains.

I registered and realised I was actually 30 minutes early and headed to the car for a quick drink, warm up on the route before going to the toilet.

Okay so the chest pains were annoying. Would I actually make it around? Was it even my back? These types of pains come along with stress and anxiety often. But it was a 5k…I didn’t actually care if I came last today. I was glad I could make it! And there was chocolate at the finish line!

I set off. Doing okay, feeling the air in my lungs, sun on my face, annoying Santa hat in my head. However annoying still thankful I had something covering my ears from the cold!

Half way, still getting these chest pains and this is what anxiety looks like….turning the heart rate screen on just to make sure my heart rate is a-okay. It’s fine, 186 is norm for me.

Goes back to the distance screen. Chest pains. Back to the heart rate screen 189 still norm for me. I kept it on that screen for another half a mile before I said I was being absolutely stupid.

This is one side of anxiety. Well two sides. The physical side and the mental side. I’m not really sure about the how/why & what. It might even be more related to the back problem. Who knows.

I finished the race, kindly accepted the selection box ( absolutely went for the fudge first!) and headed into town for my errands. Zero chest pains.

My back felt okay, my legs felt good! I was feeling pretty relieved to have got some exercise done! During the run, the crazy chest pains aside, just some glute/hip tightness near to the end, some ankle discomfort -but that’s two weeks away from strength training and I also think I need new shoes. The tread is fading so it’s time!

My first two miles were dead on consistent according to Strava. Garmin doesn’t round up or down however.

Super slow and steady – the third lap I couldn’t quite get up the back without a break… But two weeks off, post infection, back end of a muscular problem, on a trail surface so I really wasn’t bothered!

One happy runner.

Thanks for reading


P.s if you ever have chest pains please seek proper medical help. (I’ve lived with anxiety disorders for years so this is common for me)

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