Trail run series – Santa Run.

Today was the final run event/race of the year for me - the Stockton Trail series Santa run! Little 5k Trail, on uneven, muddy, slightly tarmacked and some wooden boards for surfaces. A few inclines but after the Hamsterly 5miler inclines and hills have changed in my mind! Just over two weeks ago I had… Continue reading Trail run series – Santa Run.


Croft 5k and other ramblings

We're a week into December and I haven't ran for a whole week! I'm on antibiotics and they're knocking me sick. Even if they weren't giving me a nausea feeling I wouldn't be able to run anyway. I've missed yoga, JuJitsu, Pilates and the gym too. Que pulling my hair out! I'm hoping I'll be… Continue reading Croft 5k and other ramblings


Fast vs slow, talent vs training – but we’re all in this together.

There's a load of who-har going around social media at the moment about fast runners vs slow runners and it's grinding me. You run, therefore you are a runner. Fast runners do run drills. Slow runners do run drills. Fast runners cross train. Slow runners cross train. Fast runners put the time in. Slow runners… Continue reading Fast vs slow, talent vs training – but we’re all in this together.


Parkrun Ramblings

Recently I've been putting Parkrun into my calendar as I used to enjoy doing these a couple of years ago. I also figured Parkrun tourism would be great too! So recently I've traveled out of town and enjoy one not so far away. It's two laps, mix terrain but mostly gravel and tarmac. However I… Continue reading Parkrun Ramblings